Which Class is right for you?

We have a variety different classes offering different levels of tuition so you can choose the class that is right for you.


Mixed Ability 

Mixed Ability is our most popular class. This class is designed for those with some experience or are progressing from one of our beginner classes. The beauty of Mixed Ability is that whatever your level you are, you can come to this class and we will modify exercises to suit you – it can be as gentle or as challenging as you want it to be. If you are unsure about coming to a mixed ability class you might want to try Pilates lite. 
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This is for people who have never done pilates before or have not done it for a long time and want to learn the fundamentals before going on to do more. You will learn about your core muscles and how they work when you do Pilates correctly. You will also learn about alignment, posture and how to move using your core. This informative class is taken at a slower pace than our other classes and at the end you will be able to join mixed ability with confidence.
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Stability Ball

This is an advanced class specifically designed to work on core and strength. It requires a lot of upper body strength, good balance and really builds up your core strength, giving you confidence which you can employ in a range of other sports. A very rewarding class, that can be modified for new comers, it is ideal for those who like a challenge and need core strength for other sports. This is a fun, full body workout. This class is more challenging and you certainly work up a sweat!
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This class is for a very gentle progression, just on from beginners. Still focusing on form, and alignment, and very much technique.  Your instructor will spend more time on moves your finding difficult to master, on breathing and possibly a little more hands on and adjusting, (although we do this in all our classes). After a term here you can either stay on, or you may feel ready for Pilates Lite or Mixed Ability. No pressure to move on and some people prefer to keep this as their main class.


Pilates Lite

This is ideal for people who are hesitant to join a mixed ability class either because of injury, they are recovering from surgery, have balance issues or just want a slower progression from beginners to mixed ability. The class moves at a slower pace, focusing on your needs and concerns.
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Our Yoga class is Hatha Yoga, a gentle, slow pace to calm mind and body and feel more flexible.
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One to One

If you have an specific problem or just don't like the idea of joining a class why not try one of our one to one sessions? In these unique sessions we will give you personal, undivided attention completely focused and adapted to your particular needs. 
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