About Exe Pilates

Exe Pilates was set up by me, Ali Martineau, in 2007. I set it up because Pilates is an ideal partner to the Chiropractic Clinic and the Massage Clinic, who are based in the same building as the Pilates Studio, with the specific aim of helping clients with recurring injuries that they may be seeking regular treatment for. Over the years Exe Pilates has grown because our early clients quickly saw an improvement in their general health, their need for chiropractic and massage treatments diminished and the word spread.

Pilates is for everyone – no matter what your age or fitness level and we are experts at adapting exercises to match your level and needs. It fixed my body so it could fix yours too! So why not come and join a class at Exe Pilates? To book call 01395 222656 or text 07476 848016.

Ali Martineau

Ali qualified as a Pilates instructor 2005 at the London Institute of Pilates. Over her years of experience she has see core stability help numerous clients with back and postural problems and see lifestyles improved by eliminating pain and discomfort cause by our modern lifestyles. Ali is particularly adept as adapting exercises to match a clients needs even within a class environment. 


Renata is a very experienced and passionate Pilates Teacher, movement Therapist and Personal Trainer. A Brazilian who graduated in Physical Education from the University of Sao Paulo. She has spent over ten years working with a huge variety of clients using a range of techniques and therapies.



"My combination of massage and Pilates training provides me with a wide portfolio of assessment and treatment techniques that can cater for all types of soft tissue complaints and dysfunctions from injury, immobility, and poor posture. This is an ideal combination of manual and movement therapy. I am delighted to be part of a diverse and gifted team of specialists providing the highest standards."